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Apr 22

jenneerss asked: I was one of the first 100 to preorder but I didn't receive a pen and journal with the book(although I'm excited to read it& I just finished fire with fire today as well). Will I still receive it?!?

Yes! They haven’t been sent out yet because I’m on the road touring all month. They will most likely get sent out sometime next month when I am home and can pack the prizes up and ship them off! 

Apr 21

whenthemoonfoundthesun asked: Dear Jenny Han, I ABSOLUTELY loved your book To All the Boys I've Loved Before, as I've loved all your books. I do have a question: Lara Jean mentions how handsome Peter Kavinsky is several times, like handsome from another time handsome. I wonder, is there any actor that you imagine Peter looking like?? I keep picturing some guy from the 50's, like a young Clint Eastwood, james dean, or like a John F. Kennedy look. Do you know what look I'm talking about? haha

Haha, sure, I know the look! 

I was picturing a young James Marsden type, a boy who looks good in uniform and the girls would swoon over until he came back from war. A young Marlon Brando. Any of the guys from Dead Poets Society except the red haired glasses one. 

I’ll be at the Chapters Brampton in Toronto THIS WEDNESDAY the 23rd at 7pm! I’ll be reading and signing and hanging out. Come see me!


I’ll be at the Chapters Brampton in Toronto THIS WEDNESDAY the 23rd at 7pm! I’ll be reading and signing and hanging out. Come see me!

Apr 20
Also, caramel. 

Also, caramel. 

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princesskarenashleyblog asked: Hey Jenny! I love love love your books! I've read "To all the boys I've Loved Before," two times already and plan on reading it again! Are you planning on coming to the west coast soon? Perhaps Washington? I would love to meet you! <3

Awww! The closest I’m getting is Portland! I wish I was coming to Washington as well. 

ssbme83 asked: This may have been asked already, BUT, under your FAQ's you mentioned that To All the Boys I've Loved Before was a standalone novel. However, on Goodreads, I saw that it's listed as part of a two-book series. Considering how it ended, it seemed pretty open-ended for a second book, but I just wanted to confirm :) (P.S., I'm obsessed.)

GOOD CATCH! It was originally going to be a standalone, then I decided midstream that it should be two books. Two halves of a heart! The second one will be called PS. I Still Love You and I’m writing it now.


Apr 18

simplyalemap asked: Hey Jenny! I'm reading to all the boys I loved before with my book club but we're suppose to read 18 chapters a week! ;(

Don’t worry, there are some shorty chapters! Also, pls tell your book club I say heyyyyy! 

lovesmewithhiscocaineheart asked: Hi Jenny! I just finished reading To All The Boys I've Loved Before, and it kept me up until 2 in the morning to finish it. This is the first book I've read by you, and it was amazing. I'm going to order The Summer I Turned Pretty right away! I just wanted to say I LOVE the name of the sequel & can't wait for it to come out. Xx

Thank you so so much! I hope you enjoy the Summer series as well! 

sugeemutuc asked: I've been a fan ever since I read Shug and The Summer I turned Pretty series. And after finishing your newest book, To All The Boys I've Loved, I think I just fell inlove again and just couldn't wait for the next book!! Are you by any chance visiting the Philippines?? Would really, really want to meet you!! And have an autograph (fangirl mode) hahaha ❤ ❤

I will be in the Philippines at National Book Store in June!!! Hope to see you there!

c-r-e-m-e asked: i'm reading to all the boys (again) good news: i'm much more coherent now whoops! i honestly love your writing style, your characters, your voice. it's lovely. i know some of the reviews goodreads complained about how "asian" you emphasized the song girls are portrayed but pft. i love how "asian" they are! asian protagonists are so far and few between—it's nice that you always have at least one. elaine, cam, lillia, now the songs. i could really relate to the values in their household.

So, so happy you connected with Lara Jean and her family! Thank you! 

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